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Nepal's foreign minister invites PM Nawaz to 18th SAARC Summit -=*=- 8 people killed in firing incident in Quetta. -=*=- Pakistan calls for ban on lethal autonomous weapons -=*=- SIUT opens new complex named after Edhi -=*=- Promoting harmony: Paigham-e-Amn conferences in Muharram -=*=- Canada shooting suspect was ‘high-risk traveler’:Reports -=*=- Younis hits ton on attritional day -=*=-

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting of parliamentary party leaders to consult them on prevailing political situation in the country.

The Prime Minister emphasized that all political issues should be discussed and resolved on the forum of parliament. ......
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Nato jets 'intercept Russian spy plane' over Baltic

A Russian spy plane has been intercepted by Nato jets over the Baltic Sea, the alliance says, amid heightened tensions i ...... Read more

New BBC Radio 3 controller 'will not dumb down'

Alan Davey takes over from Roger Wright officially in January ...... Read more

Wilko Johnson says he is 'cancer free'

Wilko Johnson: "If there's a moral to this story, it's that you never know what's going to happen" ...... Read more

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General News

Nepal's foreign minister invites PM Nawaz to 18th SAARC Summit

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for closer economic relations with Nepal  ...... Read more

Eight Hazaras gunned down in Quetta bus attack

QUETTA: Unidentified armed men killed eight members of the ethnic Hazara community and injured six others in the Hazar G ...... Read more

MQM announces to quit Azad Kashmir govt also

Sattar says decision final; resignations will be sent to AJK PM soon  ...... Read more

Nahid, Abbasi launch new PPP faction

Mr Abbasi was elected its first president through a resolution at the workers convention at Awan-i-Iqbal here on Wednesd ...... Read more

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Worlds News

Woman arrested in UK on terrorism charges

Twenty five-year-old woman arrested north of London for suspected offences relating to the civil war in Syria. ...... Read more

Canadian Prime Minister calls 'brutal and violent' Parliament attack terrorism

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper described the perpetrator of a "brutal and violent" attack on the Parliament comp ...... Read more

Soldier and gunman killed in Ottawa shootings

Gunman killed by police inside parliament building after he fatally shot Canadian soldier guarding war memorial. ...... Read more

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